Top sanitary products and feminine hygiene hacks

Top sanitary products and feminine hygiene hacks

Feminine hygiene has been a topic of concern for a long time, but one doesn’t need fancy products to maintain it. While sanitary supplies play a crucial role in helping maintain cleanliness, following a comprehensive self-care routine is essential for good reproductive health and menstrual hygiene. Today, one can choose from a variety of feminine sanitary supplies for all their menstrual needs. Here is also a look at a few hygiene hacks for women:

Top products
One can find disposable and reusable feminine sanitary products and hygiene supplies to help them maintain intimate hygiene and overall health. In addition to menstrual hygiene products, one can buy cleansing products, like unscented, chemical-free soaps and wipes, to clean intimate areas. Here are some of the best options to consider:

Sanitary pads
Also called menstrual pads, these products are used during a period to absorb the menstrual flow. The pads come in different sizes to cater to different flows. Each sanitary pad is coated with an adhesive at the back, with the absorbent part on the other side. Sometimes the pads come with super-absorbent technology to soak up heavy flows of blood and tissues. Many pads are made of plastic and can be harsh on sensitive skin. It is best to change sanitary napkins or pads every four to six hours.

These menstrual products consist of cotton packed tightly into a cylindrical shape. Tampons came to stores in the 20th century. One can find a variety of tampons with differing absorbency levels. This is one of the most popular female hygiene supplies, as it helps users stay active during their menstrual cycle, especially when taking up activities like swimming or hiking. Some women also use it in combination with sanitary pads to catch possible leaks. Tampons should be changed regularly, and one should not wear them while sleeping. If they remain in the body for long periods, one can be exposed to the risk of infections like toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

Menstrual cups
These silicone-based cups are highly flexible and reusable. So, switching to cups can help reduce the waste burden on landfills brought on by the use of disposable products like sanitary pads and tampons. One should clear the cup after every 10 to 12 hours

Period panties
These are relatively new feminine sanitary products, also known as period underwear. The panties keep the sanitary pads in place or act like absorbent underwear. They offer maximum comfort and hygiene, and that too with minimal effort. Period panties are also reusable, making them environment-friendly menstrual care products,

Panty liners
Panty liners are like sanitary pads and come with an adhesive coating on one side. However, liners are used for the lighter period days or as a supplementary product for tampons. These are much lighter than sanitary pads and protect the clothes without feeling bulky.

Other hygiene products
Today, one can find various cleansers and washes to maintain intimate hygiene. Top options include feminine wipes, unscented soaps, intimate gel washes, and hair trimmers. When dealing with a yeast infection, it is best to use intimate gel washes that help balance the pH levels of the vaginal environment. Certain wet wipes also help restore the pH balance. One can add these products to their daily hygiene routine.

Hacks for maintaining hygiene
Here are some feminine hygiene hacks to help one stay fresh, healthy, and happy:

Stay hydrated: One should stay hygienic and healthy from the inside out. So, having enough water and fluids can help flush out the toxins from the body and maintain the pH balance.

Use cotton underwear: Cotton is a breathable fabric that helps keep the skin dry and clean. It is best to buy cotton lingerie or underwear in summer, particularly when choosing bottom wear. Lacy pieces can cause irritation and itching during hot weather, whereas cotton and loose-fitting clothes can make one feel comfortable.

Carry safe cleansing wipes: One should carry cleansing wipes when stepping outside. This can come in handy when dealing with a leak or when one is away from home all day.

Change underwear once a day: One of the most important feminine hygiene hacks is to change into fresh underwear daily. This will make one feel fresh and stay healthy. Investing in period panties is also a good option as it can help one avoid staining their everyday panties.

One should choose the sanitary supplies that suit their lifestyle and menstrual care needs. One can go about their day feeling fresh, healthy, and comfortable with the right products. One should consult a healthcare provider to choose the right hygiene products.

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