A handy guide to junkyards in the country

A handy guide to junkyards in the country

Did you know that you can find affordable used car parts in junkyards? There are around thirty-two million vehicles that break down each year. The problems leading to the breakdown can be fixed at times, but sometimes it is not feasible to repair the vehicle. Therefore, you may be advised to take your car to the junkyard so that it can be scrapped for its parts. Thus, here’s what you need to know about junkyards.

How do junkyards operate?

A junkyard is where scrap automobiles are collected and prepared for recycling and disposal. However, these junkyards are not just for auto scrap but also scrap from boats, appliances, or anything else. So how do you use the services of a junkyard? You would need to pay a small fee to enter the junkyard. Then, you can use your tools to remove the parts from a broken-down vehicle or take the assistance of the staff available. You would then need to pay a small charge for the part. You can get almost anything at the junkyard, from the door trim to the engine.

Types of junkyards

Self-service junkyards
In these junkyards, you need to do all the work yourself. You carry your tools and check in with the staff to find the parts you need. After you find them, it is your job to take them away and get to the shop to pay. Here, you can also sell your used or unwanted car.

Full-service junkyards
In these junkyards, there is staff to help you with the whole process, from finding the part to extracting it. But usually, you need to find the part, and then the staff member will get it for you. This type of junkyard is suitable for people who do not have the tools to extract the parts or do not know much about car parts. The experienced staff will help you with the entire process.

Online junkyards
If there is no junkyard near where you live, you might need to check out online junkyards for the necessary parts. Detailed inventories are listed on the internet, and you can take a look at these to search for what you are looking for. The negative aspect of online junkyards is that you cannot see the part you want.

These are the three most common types of junkyards, there are other types too, and these are:

Car yards
This is the best place to find a cost-effective used car directly from the used car dealership.

Auto salvage yards
In auto salvage yards, the primary focus is on salvaging titled cars to sell to consumers who are searching to rebuild or upgrade their vehicle.

Scrap yard
In the scrap yard, the primary focus is on the original scrap value of the car or any other recycled part that may exist. Here, they do not aim for the entire rebuild.

Wrecking yard
This is similar to a scrap yard and hence, the terms are interchangeable.

Finding the best parts at the junkyards

Here are a few tips on how to find the best car parts at junkyards.

Act fast and quick
Many junkyards send out an email to alert you about a vehicle when it arrives. So, it is good to act fast and quickly; the longer the part remains in the yard, the more the chances it may be gone when you get there.

Get the right tools
A lot of aggravation can be solved by investing in the right tools to extract the parts. This is especially important if you are using a self-service junkyard. The wrong tools will make the process of extracting the part inconvenient and frustrating. Getting a tool bag with all the right tools will also make the procedure easy and convenient.

Find out the compatible part options
It is always good to study the compatible options to save time. It will also give you a chance to upgrade your car with the parts from the junkyard.

Plan ahead
Plan for what you need and require so that you can save time and money and not keep moving in circles.

How to find a car at the junkyard?

Since junkyards cover a large area, it can be tricky to find the right or compatible part without exploring all that is there. Therefore, some junkyards maintain an updated online inventory to ease the process. Customers can check the site for the car or part they are looking for quite easily. But sometimes, there is a possibility that some yards might not maintain an inventory older than 45 days. Hence, you have to act quickly.

Note that in some auto salvage yards, you can not only find the required parts, but you might also be able to buy complete running cars for a fraction of their worth. Plus, there are specialty yards available for specific models of cars and parts. Plan and learn more about what you need before you visit the junkyard for your car part to make the process easier.

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